Salt Water Pool Alternative


Salt Water Pool Popularitysalt water pool alternative

No-doubt if you’ve been around the pool industry, swimming pools in general, or if you’ve been thinking about a pool of your own, you’ve heard about salt water pools. In fact, if you do an internet search, or pick up any popular pool industry magazine you will see just how popular this method of pool sanitation has become. Everywhere you look someone has something to say about this super popular pool system.


Salt Pools – Some Love Them and Some Hate ThemSalt Water Pool Problems

You don’t have to look too far to find voices crying for, and voices crying against salt-water pools. Proponents of the technology love the way the water feels, the constant sanitizing protection, and the elimination of hazardous chlorine handling, storage, administration, etc. Those who cry against the system cite problems with corrosion, electrical consumption costs, wear and tear on pool equipment, and unreliability of salt chlorine generator cells, not to mention the expensive replacement costs.


Divided on Salt Chlorinator Pool Opinions

Though opinions are divided as to whether saltwater pools are the best solution for pool water sanitation, there are some real benefits and drawbacks of the salt in the pool method of sanitation that are largely undisputed in the industry. These salt water pool problems and salt water pool benefits are easy to find referenced across the internet on popular swimming pool websites and forums. You should do your homework on any of these systems before you make an investment. Be sure beforehand that you are aware of what you are getting into and what to expect.


New Advancements in Salt Chlorine Generation

New Pool TechnologyWhat is missing in many of these popular articles, websites, and forums is the fact that there is a new pool technology available that takes the best of salt water chlorinators and does away with most of the seeming problems of the current salt-water pool system.


A New Kind of Salt Water SystemChlorine Genie Chlorinator

The new pool water sanitation system is called “The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System.” The Genie is a Salt Water Chlorinator pool system that can provide saltwater pool type sanitation without putting salt into the pool. In fact the total system can take care of, manufacture, and administer up to 5 important pool chemicals. This has tremendous advantages over the standard salt pool systems. More information about the product, the problems with salt water swimming pools, and how the Genie provides solutions can be found on their website at Video presentations can be viewed on YouTube at


Is the Chlorine Genie the New Saltwater Solution?Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator


The jury is still out with many pool professionals about salt chlorination as a viable long term pool sanitation solution, but the tide may be swinging in favor of systems like the Chlorine Genie that seem to have taken the best the advantages and done away with the common problems.

Time will tell, but companies like Chlorine Genie Inc. appear to be receptive to the idea that salt water chlorine generators have the potential at least to solve salt-water pool problems and establish the technology as the new standard for pool water sanitation.


Before Passing Judgement

Before you pass judgment on saltwater generators for good, have a look at The Genie, it is something different as far as salt water pool alternatives go.